Royal Jelly: Resolutions

Mia turns twelve. She’s standing in front of a giant mint chocolate cake surrounded by her loving family and friends. 

“Make a wish to Gaia,” they demand.

She needs to think. Her multi-talented best friend Elodie is a Mermaid who must wear weird braids and eat weird foods, but who can also hold her breath and stay underwater for almost ten minutes. Their other best friend Irena has just been accepted to the insanely competitive Royal Academy of the Queendom of Sicily. In the future Irena might become a Lady of the Parliament or a director of some Important Institution or, who knows, she might even become the Queen. And Mia what will have achieved?

She thinks of her father, constrained to the freaks ward in the dark dungeons of the Catanian hospital since he got bitten by a vampire bat a few years back. Mia clenches her tiny fists. 

“I want to find the cure for vampirism,” she whispers. “Before I turn eighteen.”


Resolutions is the first volume of the Royal Jelly saga that chronicles the friendship and the coming of age of three extraordinary girls, from their first day of school all the way to historical elections three decades later when for the first time ever a man might get crowned the next Queen of Sicily.